About: Zenovía Jennifer Limberakis

Intuitive Readings:

"After receiving my first deck of Tarot cards from a family member as a young teen and through self study, classes, personal teachings and practice, giving and receiving readings has been a natural part of my life since personally and professionally.  I was intrigued while my grandmother would read someone's coffee cup while relatives were sitting around her table at home and listening  her to interpret people's dreams.  

I became aware of having phenomenal experiences at a young age during my grandfather's death process, which has since inspired my interest in mysticism and metaphysics, and since during the death of my brother.  Born and raised in the U.S.A., I am named after my maternal grandmother Zenovía and am second generation descended from Grecian ancestry.

I appreciate prayer and meditation from a variety of cultures and spiritual traditions, have practiced healing arts for decades from Eastern and Western styles  including certified aromatherapy, certified energy healing along with dance, meditation, tai chi and consciousness studies and have had the great fortune of inspiring myself and others to transform multi dimensionally."  

Zenovía is Certified in Energy Healing and Aromatherapy, is an Artist, Ordained Minister, ex-medical assistant in the cancer field, and an Intuitive Reader Licensed and screened by the city of Salem, MA.​

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Hands On Healing:

Zenovía has been practicing massage and body work in the U.S. for over three decades and has received a national certification in massage and  bodywork and additional certifications in massage, Vitaflex Reflexology, Reiki  II, Taoist  Shamanic Qi Gong, and Aromatherapy. 

Additional studies and practice include: Zen Shiatsu, Trager, breath work, pregnancy massage, Conscious Bodywork, Polarity, lymphatic massage, cancer massage, energy clearing, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, and Raindrop essential oils  technique. She is a former Certified Medical Assistant in the cancer  industry.

Along with various bodywork & healing techniques, she brings her insight  gained through years of Tai Chi and Chi Gong practice, Meditation, Yoga, dance performance and instruction as well as recovery from a long-standing and painful injury.

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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils:

"I was introduced to therapeutic essential oils through a concerned bodywork healer I met who learned of my pain and limited range of motion throughout my body for three years 24hrs. a day from an injury I sustained when a sauna that I was in collapsed.  As an active healing bodyworker, dancer and dance instructor, I was quite miserable. 

Being a bit skeptical and after a month of consideration, I purchased some specific essential oils to support my injuries and by using these oils daily, my healing was accelerated  beginning immediately and I was out of pain within a month!  (After MDs, PT,  Chiropractic, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory pills, etc.)

The following year I became certified in aromatherapy through Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt's Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, continued studying and a year later began and continue to offer Essential Oils after researching to ensure quality.

I work daily with  therapeutic essential oils for various conditions of body, mind, spirit for myself, people, pets and environment and have for over 20 years now, and help others who are interested to do the same.

My teachers include Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Jeanne Rose, Gary Young, and others".

In addition to using oils personally and  in healing sessions individually, Zenovía has created aromatic environments for events and productions. and other private events and sessions in homes, hospitals and for the ill and dying and is a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.

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Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection:

After professionally practicing western and eastern techniques of certified  massage, bodywork and energy work for over two decades, and as a certified level II Reiki practitioner for over fifteen years, she finds Reconnective Healing infinitely more profound, effective and accessible than other energy methods and in a class of it's own.  

Reconnective Healing sessions or The Reconnection  are for yourself, friends, family members, or pets. 

Zenovía became a certified Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner through Dr. Eric Pearl in Stockbridge, MA and certified in The Reconnection in Lenox, MA.

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Zenovía has been dancing circle and other dances from her ancient Grecian lineage since before she could walk. As a child, she danced ballet and tap and since her teenage years has been dancing to rock, blues, soul,  jazz, etc. Greek/Arabic music was a predominant musical  background growing up at home.

Her ethnic dance influences include Near and Middle Eastern and those from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, (commonly known as Belly Dance),  Spain, southern Italy and Africa and study with masters such as Ibrahim Farrah and Jehan Kamal of NYC;  Dr. Mo Gedawi of Egypt; Magana, Devi and Sherry Baptiste; of CA,  Alessandra Belloni of NYC;  Bubatunde Olatunji; and others. Her mother took her to her first bellydance class as a young teen.

She has also studied transformative and therapeutic  movement with Dr. Suki Munzell, Joy Berta, Anna Halpern, Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythm theory and Feldenkrais Awarenesss Through Movement; has practiced yoga, and has years of practice and study of the long form of Yang style Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Zenovía has performed at public and private events including: regularly in Greek, Moroccan and Egyptian clubs  and restaurants; in rock clubs; at county fairs; at spiritual and Tantra workshops; for private parties; and sacred events and gatherings and has taught ongoing weekly classes as well as offers special workshops and private lessons for individuals.

She now combines her knowledge of the energetic body, ethnic dance, the eastern  movement arts, bodywork and aromatherapy in her transformative and inspiring private and group movement sessions and classes which are offered periodically or by request, and dances whenever the mood strikes.

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"As an artist, I combine techniques of the psychedelic 'glue artists' of the 1960s in northern CA (who later became known as Assemblage' artists), assemblage, mosaics, and memoryware. I like to describe my work as “my Greek Orthodox grandmothers home altars meet the era of psychedelic glue art”,  the results being spiritual in nature but light and joyful.      

The candlelit shrines that I create are largely  inspired by my grandmothers' home altars and home altars everywhere and range from Christian and other cultures to non-denominational shrines  honoring the gardens, music, nature, or the seashore.       

Common objects such as rolling pins and wooden spoons are preserved, sanctified, and transformed by being adorned with mirror, vintage  jewels, icons, shells, stones, beads, vintage and re-cycled treasures  along with newer ingredients. This creates radiant reflected color. light, and energy, reminding us how the ordinary can be extraordinary, and that nourishment and inspiration come in many forms.  

Each indoor piece is an object of beauty in itself and the shrines can be candlelit and used as a focal point for prayer and meditation and to remind us to center ourselves, connect to our source, and feel the joy, delight, and mystery in our everyday lives.     

I give special thanks to my ancestors; my grandmothers; both my earthly and divine mothers Mary; and to the late Lois Anderson, my longtime friend, student, client, teacher and prominent pioneering  "glue" assemblage artist for inspiring me."

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Enjoy this  video of Jenny Pivor's show "Jenny's Muse" featuring Zenovía.