About: Zenovía Jennifer Limberakis

Intuitive Readings


After receiving my first deck of Tarot cards from a family member as a young teen and through self study, classes, personal teachings and practice, giving and receiving readings has been a natural part of my life since personally and professionally... 

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Hands On Healing:


Zenovía has been practicing massage and body work in the U.S. for over three decades and has received a national certification in massage and bodywork and additional certifications in massage, Vitaflex Reflexology, Reiki  II, Taoist  Shamanic Qi Gong, and Aromatherapy... 

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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils:


I was introduced to therapeutic essential oils through a concerned bodywork healer I met who learned of my pain and limited range of motion throughout my body for three years 24hrs. a day from an injury I sustained when a sauna that I was in collapsed...  

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Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection:


RECONNECTIVE HEALING™ (In-Person or Distance sessions)

THE RECONNECTION™  once per lifetime, in-person, two-part session  

Zenovía Jennifer Limberakis is a Certified Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner and Certified to administer The Reconnection. 

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Zenovía has been dancing circle and other dances from her ancient Grecian lineage since before she could walk... 

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As an artist, I combine techniques of the psychedelic 'glue artists' of the 1960s in northern CA (who later became known as Assemblage' artists), assemblage, mosaics, and memoryware. I like to describe my work as “my Greek Orthodox grandmothers home altars meet the era of psychedelic glue art”,  the results being spiritual in nature but light and joyful...

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