Hands On Healing Bodywork

...Helps you to feel more comfortable, balanced, grounded, peaceful and energized in your body and inspired in your life.


~ Re-balancing body, mind, and spirit

~Managing or eliminating chronic holding patterns.

~ Supporting the immune system

~Recovery from illness or injury

~Managing stress

~Suppporting pre- and post- operative conditions


and for Seasonal tune-ups, special occasions and life passages.

Zenovía says: "We are in a constant state of contraction and expansion as we experience and respond to both external stimulation from the world and our own internal landscape resulting from our conscious and subconscious thinking and feeling from our emotional history and our accumulated bodily movement patterns and habits over time.

When we feel the discomfort that leads us to seek healing and bodywork assistance, we are often either too contracted and stagnant or anxious and overly stimulated and in need of help to bring us back into balance.  Other times the symptoms can be the result of a trauma, pregnancy, or illness of some sort. I believe that these symptoms can successfully be addressed  in a multi-layer approach by utilizing a variety of modalities in order to allow us to flow back into balance resulting in one being more comfortable on all levels with a feeling of clarity of mind and relaxation of the body.  In other words, peaceful but energized and  connected to source."

You relax fully clothed on massage table and receive hands on healing work to help balance the energy flow to regenerate and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  Specific therapeutic Aromatherapy Essential oils are included to address your concerns of the day.

An ancient technique rediscovered and updated. Several specific Young Living therapeutic aromatherapy oils are used while you relax lying down combined with Reflexology and energy balancing to help support all of the body systems and to align the physical structure, the energy and emotions. Excellent to receive during times of intense stress, recovery or for general immune support, alignment and balance.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Syndrome support:

Do you clench your jaw or other areas?

Helps relieve the physical stress from this pattern as well as offering a guided visualization and breathing techniques during the session to help reeducate you to manage the pattern for life.

90. per hour

Call to book appointments and for Gift Certificates.

Full or mini sessions available on location for families or groups privately or at work locations.

Disclaimer: Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace medical treatment.



Zenovía has been practicing massage and body work in the U.S. for over  three decades and has received a national certification in massage and  bodywork and additional certifications in massage, Vitaflex Reflexology, Reiki  II, Taoist  Shamanic Qi Gong, and Aromatherapy. 

Additional studies and practice include: Zen Shiatsu, Trager, breath work, pregnancy massage, Conscious Bodywork, Polarity, lymphatic massage, cancer massage, energy clearing, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, and Raindrop essential oils  technique. She is a former Certified Medical Assistant in the cancer  industry.

Along with various bodywork & healing techniques, she brings her insight  gained  through years of Tai Chi and Chi Gong practice, Meditation, Yoga, dance performance and instruction as well as recovery from a long-standing and painful injury.



You, your friends and family...people of all ages, shapes, conditions and sizes. Those strained from business and life including: bodywork  professionals, healers, artists, therapists, writers/editors, musicians, athletes, actors, medical professionals, students, dancers, entertainers, teachers, parents,couch potatoes and their dogs.


“You’re the best masseuse at ________ (famous company). ________(ultra famous computer wizard, deceased w/ initials SJ)

“I feel like I found myself again”.  (transformational teacher and healer)

“I  was going to come in every week or so, but after seeing you twice, I  feel great and don’t need to come in.  Something clicked in and things a  going great”.  (electrician/photographer)

“This is so much fun”.    (business woman)

"Woah, that was like inter-demensional healing". (engineer)

“This is my favorite place to come every week”.  (housewife)

"Thank you. You're goood". (ultra famous musician w/ initials FZ, deceased.  )

“I’ve had a lot of bodywork and you have a great thing going on”. (business man)

“I feel so much better and open and free and inspired since I last saw you.  I came back for more”.  (insurance professional)

“I am going through a deep time now having just lost my dad, and I know coming to you would help”.  (acupuncturist)

“The 'energy stuff' you’re doing sounds interesting... but I’d just like one of your great massages”. (filmmaker)

“That was awesome.  The best ever.  Thank you”.  Mother/housewife w/ Multiple Sclerosis)  

“She’s  just getting off a plane from touring overseas and feels awful and  asked me to call to see if you can see her for two hours today.  She  wants you to use your magic and your oils to help her feel better.   She’s got to record in the studio all next week and needs to be in good shape”. (singer’s assistant)

“Do you have any time to see me to do that juju that you do?  I need to move my energy”.  (famous singer)

“If that doesn’t help, nothing will.  This should be covered under Medicare”. (my mother)

"I was going to go to the chiropractor but came to see you instead" (manager)

“Thank you.  That was brilliant, as usual”. (English computer games artist)

“I  say what I’m grateful for from A-Z, but never had anything when it came  to Z.  Now I can say I’m grateful for Zenovía. Thank you so much.”  (pregnant mother and housewife)

“You’re serious!” (teacher and addict)  

“You do more for a person than a heart doctor”. (chiropractor and mentor)

“You’re more of a healer than a masseuse”. (another chiropractor)

“You  call what you’re doing massage, but you have a lot of healing energy in your hands. You need to honor what you do... whether you have to get a  Reike certificate and hang it on the wall to give yourself permission or not, you must start honoring your gift”. (psychic)

“You have a very special healing gift and I honor you for it”.  (Zen Shiatsu teacher,  photographer, filmmaker)

“You’ve got IT.”  (another  Zen Shiatsu master on his deathbed)

“You’re a very serious chick”.  (professional artist)

“I  am calling you like I would call my grandmother’s friend who helped me  when I was a  little girl and hurt my back.  She did something to it  with her hands and made it go away.  You are the person to call.  I hurt  my back yesterday and am taking the day off and hope you can see me.  I  am in bed lying down.”  (manager)

“I’ve had a lot of bodywork all over the world and that was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had”. (new client)

"The oil that you put on my finger made the pain go away that has been there for months". (Medical Doctor)  

"I come to you when I need to get my bodywork done." (advanced professional bodyworker).  

"I feel so much better after I've seen you."  Gamma Ray  RN