Zenovía has been dancing circle and other dances from her ancient Grecian lineage since before she could walk. As a child, she danced ballet and tap and since her teenage years has been dancing to rock, blues, soul,  jazz, etc. Greek/Arabic music was a predominant musical  background growing up at home.

Her ethnic dance studies include Near and Middle Eastern and those from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, (commonly known as Belly Dance),  Spain, southern Italy and Africa with masters such as Ibrahim Farrah; Jehan  Kamal;  Dr. Mo Gedawi; Magana, Devi and Sherry Baptiste; Alessandra Belloni;  Bubatunde Olatunji; and others. Her mother took her to her first bellydance class as a young teen.

She has also studied transformative and therapeutic  movement with Dr. Suki Munzell, Joy Berta, Anna Halpern, Gabrielle  Roth's 5 Rhythm theory and Feldenkrais Awarenesss Through Movement; has practiced yoga, and has years of practice and study of the long form of Yang style Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Zenovía has performed at public and private  events including:  regularly in Greek, Moroccan and Egyptian clubs  and restaurants; in rock clubs; at county fairs; at spiritual and Tantra workshops; for private parties; and sacred events and gatherings and has taught ongoing weekly classes as well as offers special workshops and private lessons  for individuals.

She combines her knowledge of the energetic body, ethnic dance, the eastern  movement arts, bodywork and aromatherapy in her transformative and inspiring private and group movement sessions and classes which are offered periodically or by request.

 Private or group sessions emphasize enhancing correct posture and stance, movement habits, bringing energy back into stagnant areas of the body, aligning and opening the chakras, as well as dance movement and technique all together to make you feel more like your true, inspired, and happy self.

Belly Dance Sacred Movement classes for women..

ongoing Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm


 (Men, inquire about special men's classes)

Witch City Mall

2 E. India Square Mall, Suite 114

Salem, MA