For homes and other spaces...

The  ritual of blessing and clearing ourselves, our homes or other spaces by burning Frankincense resin was shown to me by my Greek grandmothers and has been enhanced by the use of essential oils, and study of other cultural traditions.

The properties in the chosen herbs, resins and/or essential oils and intentions incorporated for each clearing help to cleanse the environment and air and shift the frequency, energy and mood of a location to help restore balance from illness, emotional upset, and life changes. It helps to reduce airborne toxins, revitalize the air and energy, dissuade insects and rodents, and clear energy and bring blessings when moving to new work or living spaces.  

If you feel like your space is stagnant or uncomfortable, are moving locations, preparing for an event, or after an event, it may be a good time for a space clearing and blessing.

Space Clearing & Blessing  $50 & Above